Achieve Maximum Impact

We believe in the power of the Impact Study because we've experienced the success it brings time and time again. We've created some tips to help you make the most impact.

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Prove your work gets results. Watch the video below and learn 3 steps you can take today to stand out as the expert. 


We use data and evidence to tell the story of your
coaching success.

Ensure Impact


Maintain a sharp view of progress throughout the engagement. Checks and balances ensure success.

Improve Deliverables


Demonstrate the action of change to your stakeholders. Back it up with the quantifiable evidence.

Competitive Advantage


Confidently communicate the results of your coaching. Stand out by offering tangible results.


Ready to Take Action?

We're ready to put our years of experience to work to help design the right plan for success and impact in your large coaching engagements. Sign up for your complimentary 30 minute consultation to learn more, today.


Our Process


Needs Assessment

Before coaching begins, we work with you to identify key stakeholders and design an appropriate plan, specific to your coaching program. We will create a baseline for tracking and measurement, to ensure we understand what success looks like before we begin.


Data Capture

Throughout your coaching program, we will collect data, measure change, and monitor progress with your coaching participants. We consult with you along the way to ensure you are on the right path to success, and prepare your communication and reporting.


Organize & Report

We collate and create a professional report, featuring all of the important data and evidence of your engagement. Next, together with you, we'll present the findings to your stakeholders, validating the process as an experienced third party participant.


Experience Matters.

Our Impact Study was born from years of research and implementation. I earnestly crafted the right way to measure coaching data and how to relate it back to clients, communicating a clear story that is specific to coaching. My experience has been embedded into our proven technique, and I'm confident we can help you measure and validate your performance in a way that will drive loyalty and new business. Let's get started!



Real Impact


"After being in business for several years and having client after client after client ask us, “how do you know your program gets results” we finally bit the bullet and decided we needed to prove it.

We partnered with Lisa to help us do an Impact Study on a very important client who has a massive employee base of more than 200,000 employees, globally. We knew that if we invested in an Impact Study, we would have that much more opportunity to sell new business inside of that company and to other companies, as well.

Lisa was responsive, organized, and what we got out of the study was not only an executive summary, but also a full PowerPoint deck with every detail documented, followed up with a written 85-page narrative report.

After we got the results, we conducted a Success Showcase and brought together other interested client groups within the same company, to share the results. We also hosted a webinar and shared results across different companies and we have several new leads as a result.

Most importantly, my client was stunned with the results and the level of return that we got. In fact, I was actually nervous to share the results with the client because they were so good and I wasn't sure he would believe it.  But, Lisa had set us up for success so that I was able to share the results, confidently. The client was very pleased with the results and I was happy that it also made him look good.

And for me, I'm happy to say that he’s still a client. And… the budget got bigger this year.

Lisa was the perfect partner for us, and I wouldn’t hesitate to partner with her again."

-  Mitch Shepard, CEO, Wirl and Humin