A packaged solution, we’ll provide a Coaching ROI Toolkit and the suport you need up front to be successful. Our team will collect and manage the data throughout your coaching engagement, present the unique ROI, and prepare a presentation-ready report for you to share with stakeholders.




Become the authority using data and evidence to prove your value. Differentiate yourself from other coaches. Storytelling with data is powerful.



Spend your time and effort focusing on your craft and bringing in new business, while we create evidenced-based reports for you.



Our team of experts handle the complex mathematical equations and translation of soft skill improvements into monetary value. Confidently know your data is correct.


Included with your investment:


Unique Coaching ROI Toolkit

Packed full of the exclusive tools you need to drive a successful monetary result.


Confidentiality You Can Trust

We’ll translate and communicate difficult-to-measure concepts into easily understandable monetary value to your client for you, working with the utmost confidentiality and care


ROI Verification with an ROI Expert

We’ll meet with you to ensure we are set up to capture the best ROI from the start and ensure you’re fully prepared to deliver a report filled with value.


Data Capture & Calculation

We take care of launching data collection methods throughout the engagement, ensuring measurable goals are set, and presenting the final ROI.


Executive Coaching ROI
Final Report

Our team will create your full Executive Coaching ROI report, up to 12 pages, filled with data and evidence supporting the value of your engagement – presentation ready.


Insights and Recommendations

Designed from years of experience measuring, improving, and communicating the ROI of coaching, our experts will take care of the complex work for you.



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Real ROI

"After being in business for several years and having client after client after client ask us, “how do you know your program gets results” we finally bit the bullet and decided we needed to prove it.

We partnered with Lisa to help us... After we got the results, we conducted a Success Showcase and brought together other interested client groups within the same company, to share the results. We also hosted a webinar and shared results across different companies and we have several new leads as a result.

Most importantly, my client was stunned with the results and the level of return that we got. In fact, I was actually nervous to share the results with the client because they were so good and I wasn't sure he would believe it.  But, Lisa had set us up for success so that I was able to share the results, confidently. The client was very pleased with the results and I was happy that it also made him look good.

And for me, I'm happy to say that he’s still a client. And… the budget got bigger this year.

Lisa was the perfect partner for us, and I wouldn’t hesitate to partner with her again."

-  Mitch Shepard, CEO, Wirl and Humin