Carol Zizzo

"Henley Leadership Group has been providing leader development at all levels of the organization for over twenty-five years. While we have produced great results for our clients, we have been challenged to articulate the net return to the business of our coaching. We consistently get glowing feedback and have expanded our business via those referrals and results. Yet, we have not been able to quantify and monetized that to potential new clients without those referrals. And, we wanted to provide our long-term valued clients with the data that they deserve for their investment.

Lisa Ann Edwards has solved that problem for us. She has the gift and love of research and data for our industry. She is clear about the ROI that coaching brings to the corporate bottom line. We are very excited about what we are creating with Lisa. It is rare that you have a business consultant that also understands the world of coaching."

-  Carol Zizzo, COO