John P. Schuster

Lisa Edwards is the real deal on ROI. I have tapped her wealth of knowledge and experience in this area extensively as I have taught coaching at Columbia University. The participants have used her thinking in their own internal and external practices. Many features of Lisa’s thinking are actionable and one of her gifts is helping those of us who have less experience and analytical skills to use our own less sophisticated approaches for measuring our impact as coaches and as managers of coaching programs. She is simply a very competent teacher as well: introducing concepts and practices that can be understood analytically, but also intuitively and so not overwhelming for those of us with limited time and resources. You will gain from her programs…of any length.”

-  John P. Schuster, Columbia University Faculty

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Janet Harvey

 “Bringing clarity to complexity is a gift in communications that is part natural talent and part diligent practice. I’ve watched a master at work, coach practitioner, Lisa Ann Edwards. She has tenaciously focused on building the approach, tools and processes for coaching to measure the return on investment from coaching interventions. Her results with organizations of various sizes and stage of maturity, from all over the globe, makes the idea simple, practical and relevant for any level and focus of coaching. I met LisaAnn through some collaborative work at the International Coach Federation helping all of us to understand how to bridge what is seen as “soft skills” into “hard metrics.” I followed her career and more important her thinking and application ever since and I am the beneficiary of her stellar thought leadership in this area of measuring effectiveness and the positive impact of coaching in organizations.” 

-   Janet Harvey, Former ICF Board President

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Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia

"The popularity of coaching is evident by the demand for coaching services in organizations and record levels of individuals seeking credentials in the emerging field of professional practice. Yet with rapid growth comes accountability! As an industry, coaching has been effective in defining and implementing standards of competence and ethical standards, yet evaluation methods that focus explicitly on demonstrating the efficacy and impact of coaching engagements remain rudimentary. As the Faculty Director of Columbia University’s Executive Coaching Program, we believe that business acumen is as important as core coaching competencies to operate effectively in the specialty area of executive coaching. Lisa Ann Edwards’ module on the ROI of Coaching is essential for equipping our professional coaches with both a methodology and the tools necessary to strategically embed assessment, measurement, and evaluation into high-impact coaching engagements."

-  Dr. Terrence Maltbia, Associate Professor, Columbia University

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Dr. Brian Underhill

"Lisa is the industry expert at measuring the ROI of coaching. She is the first person we call when our clients need this work done. She’s a great teacher and makes measurement of ROI easy to understand.  The Coaching with ROI approach is the next big development in our industry. By measuring our impact, we will promote legitimacy, accountability and professionalism within coaching."

-  Dr. Brian Underhill, CEO CoachSource

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Carol Zizzo

"Henley Leadership Group has been providing leader development at all levels of the organization for over twenty-five years. While we have produced great results for our clients, we have been challenged to articulate the net return to the business of our coaching. We consistently get glowing feedback and have expanded our business via those referrals and results. Yet, we have not been able to quantify and monetized that to potential new clients without those referrals. And, we wanted to provide our long-term valued clients with the data that they deserve for their investment.

Lisa Ann Edwards has solved that problem for us. She has the gift and love of research and data for our industry. She is clear about the ROI that coaching brings to the corporate bottom line. We are very excited about what we are creating with Lisa. It is rare that you have a business consultant that also understands the world of coaching."

-  Carol Zizzo, COO

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